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Icons By Rosie [entries|friends|calendar]

seeing the world through
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[31 Mar 2005|05:10pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I've been playing a fun game, where I'll pick up my law books in an act thats looks like the starting of my assignment. 2 minutes later, I'll put them down and come make icons. Here is today's lot, I'm sure there will be plenty more to come while I'm home, so if you like these keep coming back over the next few days, I'm not sure I'll post them elsewhere.

Just John and Jason todayCollapse )

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[11 Feb 2005|07:30pm]
Since I'm off to university tomorrow, I thought I'd tie up loose ends, and post the latest batch sooo...
-more Mayer quotes
-some LOST
The OC starts this week, so there are bound to be some coming from there (yes, we are 6 months behind)
the icons...Collapse )
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[03 Feb 2005|09:20pm]
In my schizophrenic way, I started on sets but never finished. But here are todays lot, which will be added to, I swear. I just can't concentrate on anything at the moment!
- Harry Potter
- John Mayer (and quotes)
- Maroon 5
- Marc Broussard
behind hereCollapse )
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[30 Jan 2005|09:35pm]
4 x Damien Rice
2 X Gavin DeGraw
4 X John Mayer
6 x The Killers

To the icons...Collapse )
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today's lot... [20 Jan 2005|09:02pm]
Adam Brody

Damien Rice

John Mayer

Pictures from damienrice.com, damienrice.co.uk, johnmayer.com, jmeyecandy.com, the-oc.org
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Random icons [20 Jan 2005|08:51pm]
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John Mayer [20 Jan 2005|08:48pm]
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Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban [20 Jan 2005|08:44pm]
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